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Does the English Regency fascinate you?  Want to know more?  Here are some articles I've written on various aspects of Regency life!  (For more info, see my links page!)

Much insight into private lives during the Regency can be gained by reading the literature of the time.  I have assembled a long list of quotations from novels, plays, and other writings of the extended Regency period that touch on private (or potentially taboo) subjects.  I call it the "Regency Joy of Sex (Drugs & Gaming Hells)" -- because a curious young lady during the Regency might have learned many things from these sources.  So for excerpts touching on the subjects of love, sex, adultery, childbirth, drugs, gambling, and more, go to my Regency Joy of Sex (Drugs & Gaming Hells) page!


My first novel, MY LADY GAMESTER, has a lot of gaming in it—cardplaying in particular.  During the Regency, all classes of people adored just about any kind of wagering, gambling, or betting.  (They also had lotteries, though not the kind that involve scratching off silvery goo with your fingernail because you can't find a coin and are too excited to wait.)  So, you ask, what sort of card games did they play?  Find the answer here!

Duelling (or dueling, as it's spelled in the U.S.) is bizarre, brutal, romantic, and very foreign to our modern world.  (At least, to my modern world.  And I hope to yours.  If it isn't, I'm not sure I want to know about it.)  The etiquette and practice of duelling have varied from time to time and place to place.  If you want to read more about Regency duelling, click here.

Regency Theatre was a patriotic duty, an institution, a social event, an appreciation of art and beauty, a fun place to riot, and a chance to warm your hands over the flames (whenever the theatre burned down, which was pretty often.)  For more on Regency theatre, click here!

You'd be surprised what sort of things one can find in a Regency newspaper!  For some newspaper tidbits, click here.

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