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My Lady Gamester CoverNow available from Signet Books!  MY LADY GAMESTER is the story of an aristocratic card-sharp in Regency London—who just happens to be a woman.

Atalanta James is the daughter of the late Viscount James, who bankrupted his family in a single night of cards.  Now Atalanta has arrived for a London Season, and seems to be as determined a gamester as her father. 

The Earl of Stoke wants above all things to protect his family from the kind of gambling madness that infected both his father and older brother.  Why, then, is he so fascinated by Atalanta James?  And why does he feel such a strong urge to protect her from the sharks that swarm around her—and even from herself?

You can read an excerpt from MY LADY GAMESTER by going to my excerpt page.


Barbara Metzger, the Rita-Award-winning author of “Ace of Hearts” and “The Duel,” calls MY LADY GAMESTER “A well-polished jewel of a book, with a gem of a hero.”

Amanda McCabe, winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award, calls it “A charming story with an intriguing plot, an honorable hero, a determined heroine, likable secondary characters, and of course, gaming!  Cara King is a talented new Regency voice.”

Jane Bowers, for ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY, says: 
MY LADY GAMESTER is a highly entertaining novel.  And a remarkable first book.

ROMANCE JUNKIES gives the book four stars, and says: 
MY LADY GAMESTER by Cara King is a heart-warming regency with plenty of action and anguish...  Richard and Atalanta are a wonderful couple and it was a joy to watch them fall in love and find a way to make sure justice was accomplished.  This is a perfect book to pick up and read while cuddled up next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s night.

The Bookseller's Best Contest named MY LADY GAMESTER the BEST REGENCY OF THE YEAR!

And Romantic Times Magazine gave MY LADY GAMESTER four stars!

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My Lady Gamester is also available at bookstores such as B. Dalton Booksellers, Waldenbooks, Borders, and Barnes and Noble.  If your local bookstore doesn't have it in stock, they can special order it for you.

Release info:
by Cara King
Signet Regency
ISBN: 0451217195

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