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Hi!  I'm the author of MY LADY GAMESTER, the story of an aristocratic card-sharp in Regency London—who just happens to be a woman.  Award-winning author Barbara Metzger calls it a "jewel of a book."  To learn more about MY LADY GAMESTER, go to my Books page.  Or to read an excerpt from it, go to my excerpt page.

Do you have no idea what the English Regency is?  To get a brief explanation, try my What's the Regency? page!

Are you interested in watching a Regency-set movie, TV show, or mini-series tonight?  To see my recommendations, capsule reviews, and advice on what to avoid, go to my Movies page!

Want more information about me?  There's always my Bio page!

Would you like to learn more about the Regency period?  For information on Regency-era duelling, card-playing, theatre, and more, plus my extensive list of quotes that make up "The Regency Joy of Sex (Drugs & Gaming Hells)," check out my Regency Info page!

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